Antique and Fragile Removal Brisbane

Antique/Fragile Removal

Removing fragile and antique furniture isn’t easy, especially when needing to travel across Australia. Our specially trained movers are experts when it comes to handling the more finer things in life. We always provide the attention and skill of a truly specialised luxury moving company. If you own antique furniture, fine art, other high-quality objects, they likely tell a story about you. Safely moving fine art and antiques is an art in itself, and requires a personalised service to get right. Every object is different, and requires additional considerations to ensure it arrives in the best condition. A home or office moving task may involve fragile and valuable items that require exact care and handling attention. We can also pack your antiques and artworks for removal, or export and have bespoke crates made to fit any item, no matter how large or fragile. We have the knowledge and skills to ensure that your antiques are handled with care and arrive fully intact.

The process begins with our moving teams very carefully dismantling and wrapping the furniture before the careful removal and transportation to the new address. Brisbane Best Movers stock a variety of packing materials that can keep your fragile items safe. We have a specialist section of the company dedicated solely to the packaging, storage and moving of valuable fine art, both to private homes and to high end galleries and auction houses. We are proud of the service we provide our customers and we always try to minimize problems during the moving process